Why Datanetiix?

Founded by a conglomerate of international financial and manufacturing group, and ventured in early 2016 . This is a typical startup mode company with a lean team and highly talented workforce, helped in acing technical challenge that brought value to the customers. We have expanded since then moving out from our modest office to a sprawling location. We are based out of California and having offices from North West to East Coast with technical team based at Southern California to cater our valuable customers. We offer cost effective, quick turnaround, committed onshore and nearshore capabilities for those price point customers. Our Offshore delivery center is located in Eastern Europe. Our technical and support resources rank among the best in the industry. We work very closely with the client in understanding their requirement so as to enable the transition from their existing system to the new applications is well served by Datanetiix.

  • Capability
  • Highly Skilled Workforce
  • Flexible Development Methodology
  • Onshore US developers and nearshore capabilities.
  • Customer Satisfaction Delivery

Experts help?

Our presence is in the big league of technology firms. Emerging technologies provide disruptions and this accelerates business transformation at rapid speed. We are there with a robust solution that is reliable, mature and scalable all built with the captive talent in-house.

Datanetiix, Inc - IT Consulting and professional services converts your technology vision into business wins.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Everything we do is built/design on a commitment to do the right thing for our customers, our people, and our community. Our Mission, Vision, and Values guide the way we do business.


Datanetiix makes the technology easier, cost effective, and quick turnaround more efficient through innovation.


Become the leader in the information technology, software development to solve our customer's most demanding challenges. We will deliver innovative solutions through the efforts of our diverse and talented people who are dedicated to our customer's success. We will empower our teams, contribute to our communities, and operate sustainably.


Integrity is having the courage to make tough ethical decisions, taking pride in our work, being transparent with our team, and being respectful of everyone. Innovation is not limited to our engineers and coders. We must all act as catalysts. Be tenacious and curious to help us excel, and be a part of a learning organization. Agility is our ability to think and act small while using the size and strength of our balance sheet to our advantage. It is about being flexible, creative, and resilient. Collaboration is being inclusive, team-oriented, and pro-actively engaging-building relationships and staying connected with each other. Commitment to our customers and our team means we are accountable, take ownership, model servant leadership, and operate with a sense of urgency.

Quality :

We answer to the call of the industry on the compliance that defines the PMP on all our projects which will ensure quality meeting ISO standards

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